Cloth Diaper FAQ’s

“Below You’ll Find Some of the Most Frequently
Asked Questions About Cloth Diapers.”


Q:  Will I receive diapers before my baby is born?

A:  Absolutely!  We recommend scheduling your complimentary at- home demonstration. This will include a one week supply of fresh cotton diapers, your preferred starter package and any other diapering supplies you may have ordered form our online shop. When your baby is born, give us a call and we will activate your account.

Q:  What kind of diapers do you use?

A:  We are proud to be one of the only local services that use 100% woven cotton DSQ quality prefold diapers with the highest absorbency 4x8x4 three layer panels. 4-8-4 refers to the ply count, meaning, our diapers have 4 layers of soft cotton along each side, and 8 layers in the center. The center panel is extra thick and absorbent.  Our diapers are premium Quality Unbleached cotton.

Q:  What if I have to few or too many diapers?

A: We know that all babies are unique. So just let us know if you are running out of diapers or need to increase your supply. We are happy to discuss options and make any changes to your rental supply.

Q:  How will I learn to use cloth diapers on my baby?

A: After signing up for service we offer a complimentary at-home consultation in which one of our friendly team members will discuss cloth diapering techniques and answer any question you may have regarding cloth diapering.

Q:  What if I go on vacation?

A: Simply contact us a week in advance. If you plan to be gone a week, we can provide you with double the amount of diapers before you leave so you can cloth diaper during your travels.  If you choose to use disposables or our compostable diapers, we will pick-up the soiled diapers on your pre-determined day and resume service when you get back.

Q:  What about Holidays and inclement weather?

A: We will contact you well in advance regarding Holidays and any scheduling changes. For inclement weather you can assume we will be making our deliveries. If it is unsafe to deliver due to hazardous conditions, we will let you know as soon a s possible.

Q:  Do I have to be home when diapers are delivered?

A: No. Simply leave your soiled diapers in your designated spot and we’ll leave your fresh clean diapers in your sealed diaper bag. There really is no reason to be home.

Q:  What happens if I forget to leave my diapers out for pick-up?

A: Forget to leave out soiled diapers? No problem. The first time this happens we will leave your fresh clean diapers and call you to arrange a return pick-up of soiled diapers. The second time and thereafter there will be a return pick-up fee.

Q:  Do I have to rinse the diapers?

A: No! Simply put soiled diapers directly into diaper pail. Believe it or not, rinsing diapers often leads to staining. After your baby starts eating solid food just drop poop into the toilet. A flushable liner makes this so easy.

Q:  Are there any diaper creams that should not be used?

A: Yes. Please do not use Desitin or Bordeaux’s, they are often found to stain the diapers. Please avoid using any ointment that includes “cod liver oil” as one of the ingredients.

Q:  What if I live in a controlled access building?

A: We are very flexible. If you are comfortable, you may give us the code to your building and we’ll pick the diapers up outside your door. If you are not comfortable, we can make other arrangements such as picking your diapers up at a friend’s house or another pre-determined location.

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