Cloth Laundering

Kind by Nature Laundering Process…

Our laundering process uses state of the art energy efficient commercial extractors and tumblers to ensure that our cloth diapers are 100% sanitized and pH balanced to your baby’s delicate skin, which further reduces the incidence of diaper rash.

Using these powerful machines allows us to minimize the amount of water and energy used to wash our diapers. In fact, because of the volume of diapers we service, it is much more energy efficient than washing your own diapers at home.

    • Our diapers are put through a 12 step process of rinsing, soaking and washing. This process is designed to ensure each diaper is properly sanitized removing any and all residue, leaving them pH balanced to your baby’s skin.


    • Our blend of eco friendly detergents are non-toxic, phosphate-free and biodegradable. There are no optical brighteners, dyes or fragrances to mask our clean fresh diapers.


    • For sanitizing purposes, our water is heated well above the hospital grade temperature nearing 200 degrees. Evidence based research indicates that utilizing detergents with proper heat and pressure will sanitize better than using chemicals.


  • We routinely send a diaper sample to be tested for sanitary quality and we always test our diapers on site for correct pH balance.  We also individually inspect each diaper to make sure it meets our quality standards.

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