Compostable Diapers 101

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Compostable Diapers 101

Kind by Nature Compostable Diapers sound too good to be true- turning soiled diapers into nutrient rich topsoil in just a few weeks!

Compostable diapers are the newest method of eco-friendly diapering. In this section you will discover why compostable diapers are a better alternative to disposables. You will also learn about our convenient service, our pricing and the process of picking up and delivering your compostable diapers and other baby products. When you choose Kind by Nature, you choose a more healthy and sustainable diapering alternative.

Compostable FAQ’s

Compostable single-use diapers look and function just like disposable diapers, but are made of 100% compostable material which qualifies them to be taken to a local commercial composting facility where they will be professionally composted.

Under these conditions, our compostable diapers will breakdown entirely and will be turned into nutrient rich topsoil beautifying our public parks, athletic fields, golf courses ect. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that Compostable diapers are never placed in our over capacity landfills.

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