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Here’s Our Story…

When the ‘green movement’ seemed to be at its humble beginnings…

…people started to collectively awaken to the harsh reality of unsafe chemicals, pesticides and sadly unsustainable levels of waste in our landfills.

We began to question the effects this would have on our children, families and communities.

A true passion was ignited…

We have since made a life-long commitment to find holistic sustainable solutions with the simple belief that every action is a part of the greater whole and…

…that the smallest of changes can make a world of difference.

Our Mission

Here at Kind By Nature, it’s our mission to act in a socially responsible way.

We continue to educate ourselves and others and…discover the most innovative and affordable  ways to insure the  lowest carbon footprint possible.

We strive to inspire others through our own practices of environmental stewardship, while providing services that allow you to lead a healthier, safer and more enriched life.

What Makes Us Green

Born out of our own desire to source natural, organic, sustainably crafted products and services, Kind by Nature is dedicated to doing its part by eliminating toxic and hazardous substances from every facet of our company. Our commitment to increasing awareness through engaging and empowering our community is paramount;

WE make every effort to continually reduce our carbon footprint by

  • Working to increase efficiency, using the most energy-efficient machines with as little water consumption as necessary, thereby minimizing pollution and waste.
  • Operating our company almost entirely paper free utilizing electronic and fully automated management systems.
  • Implementing a full recyclable program for all of our shipping boxes, packaging and office material. We ask our vendor to participate by reducing the packaging material they send us.
  • Seeking partnerships with manufactures and vendors who abide by fair trade practices, environmental integrity and the highest of safety guidelines. (most of our vendors are chosen from the U.S. or Canada)

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