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The Problem With Disposable Diapers…

 As you are probably aware by now, traditional disposable diapers are not only unhealthy for your baby but also extremely harmful to our environment.

Extensive studies have proven that the ingredients in disposable diapers contain chemicals that are harmful to sensitive skin and have been linked to a significant spike in ‘diaper rash’ since their inception in 1961.

In addition, disposable diapers take anywhere from 250 to 500 years to decompose which means every single disposable diaper made since 1961 is still hundreds of years from completely decomposing.

So What’s the Solution…?

When you choose Kind By Nature, you have three healthy and sustainable options for diapering your baby.

  1. Cloth Diapering
  2. Compostable Diapering
  3. A Combination of Both

Right now, you are going to discover how our compostable diaper service can provide you with a safer alternative to disposable diapers.  You’ll also learn about our convenient service, our pricing and the process of picking up and delivering your compostable diapers and other baby products.

Here’s How It Works…

When you choose Kind By Nature Compostable Diaper Service, your products are conveniently delivered right to your doorstep.  Soiled diapers are collected weekly, delivered to our commercial composting partner, and turned into nutrient rich topsoil.

How simple is that?


Get Convenience Without the Chemicals

When you use compostable diapers, you will get the same convenience as a single use disposable diaper without the harsh chemicals and negative impact on the environment.

Compostable diapers are made from 100% compostable material and are safe and healthy for your baby.  The diapers are taken to a commercial composting facility where they get professionally composted and broken down entirely.

The byproduct of this composting process is nutrient rich topsoil that can be used in parks, athletic fields and golf courses.  The point is, your babies diapers will never be thrown into our over capacity landfills which means you can feel good about your decision to use compostable diapers.

When you choose Kind By Nature, we will pickup and deliver your diapers each week like clockwork.  And you can do a combination of cloth and compostable which means you will never throw away another diaper again.

Our Eco-friendly Compostable Diaper Service Includes:

  • Home delivery of compostable diapers, wipes, and green compostable bags
  • Weekly pick-up and professional composting of soiled diapers
  • Helpful and friendly support team to answer your questions or concerns

Convenient Home Delivery Process

  • You will receive your order 1-2 weeks before your due date
  • As you begin using them, simply place soiled diapers in your pail
  • Once per week, place the bag of soiled diapers in your designated spot
  • A friendly team member will pick-up and deliver your new diapers and products.

** To order more diapers, wipes and Kind By Nature products simply log on to your account before your scheduled delivery day and place an order.

Our Professional Composting Process

After we pick up your soiled diapers:

  1. Each bag is sorted, to remove any non-compostable items
  2. The diapers are brought to a licensed commercial compost facility
  3. They are mixed with other compostable materials in order to achieve the proper mix ratio
  4. The compostable mixture is put into a temperature controlled composting station
    (temperatures reach 165 degrees to break down and destroy all pathogens)
  5.  After 28 days, the mix is turned and rotated until the material has broken down entirely.
  6. The soil is then screened to remove any non-compostable debris.

* It is also important to recognize that Compostable diapers need very specific conditions to decompose, conditions only found at commercial composting facilities. Backyard composting is not a suitable option, composting diapers need extreme high heat to safely kill the pathogens found in human waste.

Compostable Diaper Service Pricing

  • Composting fee for 4 weeks of service $39.99
    ($10 fee when using combo service)
  • Box of compostable diapers $14.99
  • Pack of wipes $5.99

** There is no set-up fee

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