Cloth Diaper Myths

Mark Twain once said…


“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”

So let’s clear up some of the most common myths about cloth diapering.

MYTH 1: Cloth diapers are messy:

When you have a baby, coming in contact with soiled diapers is inevitable no matter what kind of diaper you choose. The process with all diapers will pretty much the same. You put it on, you take it off. You throw it in the pail/garbage. Instead of throwing your diapers away, you simply toss them into your diaper pail. Our diaper pails are made especially for diaper service. It locks in odor unlike a garbage pail.

Myth 2: Cloth diapers are time consuming:

A false belief about cloth diapers is that they are difficult to use. The reality is today’s cloth diapers are designed like a disposable… While there is a slight learning curve, essentially cloth diapers are no more difficult to use. Cloth diapers are not just a wash cloth and a pin.  Today’s prefolds can easily be folded into three and laid inside a snug fitting diaper cover or safely secured with a simple, yet innovative device known as a “Snappi”.  Diaper covers often come in stylish color and prints designed with Velcro or snaps closures.

Myth 3: Cloth diapers are unsanitary: 

The fear that cloth diapers are somehow less sanitary is unfounded. In fact, in most municipalities, it is actually illegal to dump human waste in the trash can! The reasoning behind this is that human waste could infest the water leaching out of the dump with bacteria and viruses. Waste from cloth diapers enter into the same sewage system as waste from a toilet and are treated during sanitary process. It is estimated that disposables take 250-500 years to fully decompose. The alarming truth is every single diaper since first manufactured in 1961is still around! At a rate of 8,000 diapers per child, that is 18 billion diapers in an American landfill a year!

Myth 4: Cloth diapers are expensive:

While it is true the initial cost upfront can seem daunting the overall cost is comparable to eco-friendly brands of disposables. However, cloth diapers also serve as potty training accelerators. Which means children can potty train up to a year earlier? Factor that into the equation you’re saving almost a $1,000 and you avoid changing thousands of diapers!

Myth 5: cloth diapers leak:

Most parents actually reported less leaks while using cloth diapers than they did while using disposables! These modern diapers and covers have innovative elasticized leg gussets lined with quality fabrics like micro fleece holding in leaks. Unlike disposables, cloth diapers are completely customizable.  If you need more absorbency for overnight or long trips you can add an insert.  You can’t do this with a disposable!

Myth 6: Cloth diapering is an all or nothing deal:

Not at all. Cloth diapering part- time makes sense for many parents. Whether you choose to use our compostable diapers or disposables from time to time, cloth diapering is flexible, Replacing just one disposable with cloth will amount to 365 less diapers in our landfills.

Myth 7: Father’s don’t like changing cloth diapers:

Most new Dad’s aren’t enthusiastic about changing any type of diaper. (In fact most moms don’t relish in this routine either, except some cloth diapering Moms who love how cute they are.) If they can change a disposable, they can certainly change a cloth diaper. Most reluctant Dads simply need encouragement.

Myth 8: Cloth diapered babies are more prone to diaper rash:

This is completely false. It’s actually quite the opposite. Before the introduction of disposables, diaper rash afflicted less than 10% of babies. Today, that number has increased to 78% due to children wearing disposables. Often the chemicals, dyes and perfumes commonly used in disposable diapers are very likely to irritate a baby’s bottom. Our cloth diapers are 100% chemical free cotton. Cloth diapers wick moisture away from baby’s skin while letting them feel wet enough to make an inherent connection and motivates them towards easy potty training. Nothing compares to the soft touch of cotton on your baby’s sensitive skin.

Myth 9: Cloth diapers have to be dunked in the toilet:

Not True! Just toss the soiled diaper into the pail we provide, and our high-tech washing machines do the work for you. No rinsing soaking or dunking! Once your babies stool is formed use a flushable liner or shake the excess into the toilet. The instructions on disposable diaper packages advise you to flush the solid waste before tossing the diaper into the garbage.

Myth 10: Cloth diapers smell:

I wouldn’t say that any soiled diaper smells good. But in a smell test, cloth diapers always win. Disposable diapers are full of noxious chemicals that somehow magnify and distort the smell of a soiled diaper. Many parents have said the smell of a disposable diaper is much more unpleasant. Using our heavy duty diaper pail locks in odor and we include deodorizer disk for added insurance.

Myth 11: Cloth diapers are just as bad for the environment as disposables:

On a daily basis, we are bombarded with conflicting advice and study results. The information we receive is an array of disputed and undisputed facts. There are privately funded studies, misinformation campaigns and just plain false sound bites perpetuated for personal gain.  Our perspective is; ” Reusing” cloth diapers that are laundered in energy efficient machines using only biodegradable non-toxic detergents in a local facility is far better than disposables that are made from a combination of chemicals, bleached plastics and dyes often in factories overseas, trucked across continents only to be used once then discarded. Not to mention disposable diapers will spend hundreds of years decomposing in landfills possibly contaminating our soil and ground water.  Americans are currently throwing away 570 diapers per second.

* A study done by “Best Foot Forward” concluded that Diapers from a professional diaper service have the smallest carbon foot print of any diapering method. This includes home laundering which requires 43.7 more resources than we do!

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